© Copyright Hi Water Concrete Tanks 2018 Steven Miller Steven Miller who has owned and managed Hi Water Concrete Tanks for over 17 years and takes great pride in his work. During this time he has built concrete tanks from 5000 gal to 26000 gal capacity in locations all over Victoria and N.S.W. Hi Water Tanks are available for in ground or above ground applications with either concrete tops, silo roofs or open tops. All Hi Water tanks are made using the highest quality materials exceeding the requirements of Australian standards.  Master Builder Association Master Builders Australia is the national body of the Master Builders group. Its members include all nine State and Territory Master Builders Associations. Each Association provides an extensive range of services to assist its members which will ensure the building and construction industry operates in a profitable, efficient and ethical manner. Membership of the Master Builders demonstrates that these companies value high standards of integrity, skill and responsibility to their clients. Over 30 Years Experience  Our tanks are made with knowledge of over 34 years of experience. Plastic tanks don’t insulate against heat and light allowing bacteria and algae growth to contaminate your precious water supply. This will not happen with a concrete tank. Concrete tanks will survive a bush fire not like plastic and metal tanks as seen in the recent Victorian bushfire news footage. Hi Water Concrete Tanks is currently registered in NSW & Vic.